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A unique approach to healing and self-actualization

My model is grounded in the principles of Spiritual Psychology - an emerging therapy that blends modern psychology with the timeless knowing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.


One-on-one sessions support individuals in aligning with their highest, most creative selves through the following soul-centered stages:




As Carl Jung said: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” If we want to feel whole and fulfilled then it’s vital that we shine light on the places inside where we are experiencing pain, shame, and misbeliefs about life and our inherent worth. To experience a sense of wholeness we need to look at the whole picture, the positive and the negative, the past and the present. When we do, we will discover that our triggers and areas of upset, are actually direct roadmaps to our blocks - the limiting beliefs & judgements that are holding us back from living the lives we desire.


Once we have made our blocks conscious, the next step is to set them free. I use the word free very intentionally as you can think of blocks as trapped aspects of our consciousness, locked in place by the constrictive energy of judgements and misunderstandings. Setting blocks free involves more than just seeing and understanding them, but requires tuning into what we call the highest self, the soul, which is the energy of unconditional love. Lasting healing results from allowing the hurt beneath the issue to experience a felt connection with this field of total acceptance and compassion. The various modalities I use in session are all ultimately in service to facilitating this soul connection.


Everyone on this planet has creative energy that wants and needs to be expressed to experience wholeness and a sense of purpose. This expression will be unique to each person based on their authentic desires and what truly lights up their soul. Once blocks have been freed, there is space in which our creativity can flow, and the next step is all about trust. Can we surrender all expectations in order to fully receive inspiration? Can we step courageously into the unknown and flow with what is? Can we allow ourselves the chance to truly follow our bliss? If we can meet life from this open-hearted perspective, then we will experience the magic that is Creative Living. Cultivating this approach requires courage, patience and the willingness to experiment, the reward for which is the full expression of your inner artist.


Emily is a highly skilled, articulate, and empathic leader.

Her work guided me deep—using gentle but direct questioning and effective visualization to help me find my limiting beliefs and blocks around work. I was surprised by the depth of emotion and connection I so quickly achieved!

- Elizabeth

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