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Individual Sessions

Whether you are on a quest for deeper self-knowledge and soul connection or to uncover and channel your creativity, I’m here to support you through your unique transformation.


journey within

One-to-one sessions are tailored to the individual and center around exploring the areas of your life in which you are ready to experience a shift be that in relationship, career, long-standing patterns of behavior, or cultivating creativity.

Together we’ll take a deep dive into your chosen area of focus, uncovering blocks and limiting beliefs and setting them free through establishing connection with the soul, which is really just another word for the deepest truth of who you are.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom or by Phone.

For those interested in a more customized approach, I can also incorporate your Natal Astrology and Human Design into our session. If so, please include your full birth date, time and place at booking.

I currently offer two types of sessions. Read below to discover which is right for you:


Self-Discovery Sessions

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”
– Brene Brown

Go deep to uncover the roots of blocks and limiting beliefs and experience the healing of aligning with your authentic, empowered self.

These sessions are for you if:

  • You’re in a period of transformation and could use some support in navigating the challenges of this process. 

  • You want an approach to healing that is rooted in essential spiritual principles - the heartfelt knowing that life is happening for us rather than to us to guide us into alignment with our highest selves.

  • You want to uncover the roots of your blocks and limiting beliefs and release them from your consciousness. 

  • You want to cultivate inner empowerment, self-love and form a deep connection to your soul and intuition. 

Creative Living Sessions

“What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant?”
– Elizabeth Gilbert

Create a life that embodies your soul. Drawing on principles and practices from seminal works on creative living such as Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, reconnect with and ignite your inner artist in service to living your fullest life. 

These sessions are for you if:

  • You feel blocked creatively and/or uninspired and want to rediscover your creative spark. 

  • There’s something you dream of doing that lights you up inside, but you need support in taking the leap.

  • You want to cultivate a spiritual approach to your creativity, a process that feels like flow and co-creation with the Universe. 

  • You’d like to explore some soul-centered tools, practices and rituals that can help create the space for inspiration to flow. 

Integrating your Design

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and sciences including Astrology, Kabbalah, the I Ching and the Chakra system. It is an incredibly powerful tool for discovering the unique path your soul is here to take in this lifetime. This immersive two-part offering begins with a full reading of your chart with Human Design reader Sarah Salinas and continues with a guidance session with Emily to integrate your learnings, free yourself from past conditioning  and formulate an action plan for aligning with your Type, Strategy and Authority.

In these sessions you will discover and integrate:

  • Your Type and Strategy which explain how you are designed to give and exchange energy with the world.

  • Your Authority, which reveals how you are uniquely designed to make decisions.

  • Your Open and Closed Centers, which reveal your greatest strengths and challenges in this lifetime. 

  • How to work with any blocks and limiting beliefs that may become clear through discovering your design. 



I am versed in a wide range of techniques both psychological and spiritual so depending on what’s present, I’ll weave in the modalities I feel will offer the deepest level of healing. Examples include inner child work & re-parenting, shadow identification and integration, gestalt & voice dialogue and reframing issues from the soul perspective - all with the goal of facilitating a sense of clarity and grounding in your authentic self.

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