Psychological Astrology with Danielle Beinstein


I’m so excited to finally share this interview with the wonderful Danielle “Dani” Beinstein! I’ve been working with Dani for about 2 years now as both an astrologer and a spiritual counselor and her support has been instrumental on my journey of awakening and aligning with my highest self.

I initially reached out to Dani when I was about to begin my studies in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica. Dani completed her masters in this program several years before me and it’s been wonderful to have her as a mentor throughout my very transformational two years at USM, which will be coming to a close in June. Dani possesses one of the deepest, most well-rounded and non-judgmental views of the human psyche of anyone I know.

In one session, we’ll look at whatever issues are up for me through the lens of psychology, astrology, literature, mythology, films, politics, and of course the bigger, spiritual picture. Maybe it’s the writer in me, but I find this approach so expansive and healing, because the truth is it’s all connected – our stories, our culture, our bodies, our minds, our history, nature, the cosmos – and when we start waking up to the truth that our outer reality is simply a reflection of our inner reality, then, and only then, can we see ourselves and others clearly and without judgment.


“Psychological Astrology allows the natal chart to serve as an archetypal map of the psyche, a cosmic guide to our greatest gifts and challenges.”


In working with Dani, she will continuously remind me, that “it’s all ok”, that my issues are just as vital and precious as the wins. Life is not about “avoiding the pitfalls” as you’ll hear her say in this interview – it’s about staying open and curious and seeing each life experience as an opportunity for growth and learning. And this is the foundation for her approach to astrology. Contrary to predictive or reductive forms of astrology where we may be left feeling doomed by certain placements in our chart, Psychological Astrology allows the natal chart to serve as an archetypal map of the psyche, a cosmic guide to our greatest gifts and challenges, which is to say our karma in this lifetime. And karma means action.

What will we make of our circumstances? What will we do to rise to our challenges? To nurture and share our gifts? How can we use self-awareness in service to self-acceptance? Employed through this compassionate lens, astrology has become one of my most trusted and cherished modalities on my journey of healing and in my work with clients. Knowing the ins and outs of a person's sun sign, provides me with a sacred window into their core, authentic self. The moon sign shows me a person's emotional needs, and how they can best mother themselves, and these insights are such a gift. So without further adieu, enjoy this deep dive into the life-affirming art of Psychological Astrology with Dani Beinstein.

Also a quick filmmaker’s note: in true Piscean fashion, I completely forgot that our lovely gardener Jose was coming over that day. But since we were deep in discussion about Suns vs. Moons we rolled with it and there’s an easter egg cameo in there for ya. Hi Jose!


If you love this interview and want to learn more, Dani will be releasing her very own course on how to read your natal chart on Monday! The course will guide participants in learning the art and science of astrology in service to personal, professional and spiritual growth. You can find Dani at or follow her on instagram @danibeinstein.

And if you are seeking one-on-one support to uncover and release your blocks or reignite your creativity, I look forward to connecting with you in a Self-Discovery or Creative Living session.

Time Stamps:

0:00 - What is Psychological Astrology and are horoscopes actually helpful

7:39 - Learning about our Karma, Life Themes and Self-Acceptance from our Natal Chart

19:17 - Saturn Return,Themes of Saturn in Capricorn & advice for navigating this transit

26:11 - Signs vs. Planets vs. Houses & the Significance of your Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

34:52 - Aries

39:30 - Taurus

43:26 - Gemini

46:31 - Cancer

49:10 - Leo

50:52 - Virgo

54:02 - Libra

58:47 - Scorpio

1:04:17 - Sagittarius

1:08:12 - Capricorn

1:15:10 - Aquarius

1:19:47 - Pisces

1:26:20 - Wrap up & Where to Get your Natal Chart